Furius Baco 135km/h - 3 Sec - Roller Coaster On Ride 
                                 PortAventura 2015 - GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

  • In the calm of the PortAventura Mediterrània you will find the roller coaster "Furius Baco" of PortAventura. An incredible horizontal catapult which is the fastest rollercoaster in Europe, it will drive you insane. As you walk through you will discover the story of a genius who is adding his finishing touches to his new invention: a machine to harvest grapes. But beware, because on the ride "Furius Baco" of PortAventura the mischievous monkey, who is the assistant, touches the wrong lever, catapulting you dramatically horizontal in a shuttle from 0 to 135 km/h in three seconds.

  • To make it even more exciting it will throw you to ground level, cross ditches, tunnels and even skim the water of the Mediterrània Lake! Hold on tight, because the fastest rollercoaster in Europe, PortAventura "Furius Baco" is pure adrenaline! "Furius Baco" has become the key element of combining the excitement of theme park attractions with the tranquility and charm of this picturesque Mediterranean themed area which is in charge of making your welcome to PortAventura a memorable one.

  • The attraction of PortAventura "Furius Baco" is one of the most famous and iconic attractions of the park since its construction in 2007. Prove you're the bravest of all and dare to ride the fastest and wildest rollercoaster in Europe. Don’t be told about it, be the first one to tell other people that you have ridden the fastest ride in Europe and how incredible it was! Leave behind your fears and experience the sensation that your legs have come away from your body from the pure speed of the fastest rollercoaster in Europe, the "Furius Baco" at Port Aventura. And do not forget to take the memory of this experience to show everyone who's the bravest. The roller coaster "Furius Baco" of Port Aventura is the beginning and the end of your unforgettable day, full of adventure and excitement in the magnificent park of the Costa Dorada.