Silver River Flume - Roller Coaster On Ride 
                                          PortAventura 2015 - GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

  • In PortAventura Far West the adventure is where you least expect it, and the proof is in the Silver River Flume. It is here, in the middle of the village of Penitence, where you will find one of the most successful attractions of PortAventura Far West.

  • Step into the huge regional sawmill company "The Silver River Milling & Lumber Co" and see for yourself the best process for cutting logs in this town of the Far West to become the world's straightest boards, such as indicated by the board in the entrance. Follow the exciting journey mounted on a fun felled tree and you will see the refreshing way to transport logs to the sawmill at Silver River Flume to be manufactured.

  • Get on the trunks of Silver River Flume and you will descend at high speed down the falls of one of the attractions of PortAventura Far West in which fun is guaranteed. Let the crazy current carry you through the dizzying descents offered by Silver River Flume. Without realizing, the adventure becomes part of the experiences that happen on this water attraction of PortAventura Far West defying the strong currents of the river that will be enjoyed by the big and small. Feel the adrenaline from each fall down the channels of Silver River Flume and refresh yourself on this famous sawmill of Penitence to continue your PortAventura incredible adventure in the Far West. Each of the Silver River Flumes is bigger and bigger than the last becoming a unique and refreshing trip full of surprises.

  • Hold on tight because the excitement lasts until the end. Arm yourself with courage and enjoy the amazing journey Silver River Flume River that will become part of the intrepid adventures of cowboys of all ages.