Tomahawk Roller Coaster - On Ride | PortAventura 2015 - GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

  • In PortAventura Park the children are very important, so for this reason we have a wide variety of attractions for children that are spread over the different areas of the park. Amid the rustic and bold Far West is a roller coaster, Tomahawk, one of the most popular attractions for children of PortAventura. Just the name Tomahawk of PortAventura, meaning hatchet, comands great respect. Its thrilling climbs and descents will test the courage of all those who dare to challenge her.

  • Tomahawk of PortAventura Park is one of the most thrilling attractions for children in the park. Dare to climb on so that the little ones can feel the thrill of riding the big roller coaster: Tomahawk. When settlers arrived from the Far West from the old continent, the lands were occupied by different tribes of Indian warriors. PortAventura Tomahawk with its strength and skill is the symbol of the hatchet that the Indians showed their conquerors. The breathtaking descents and curves of the Tomahawk rollercoaster amaze the young and the old because during this whirlwind tour it is intertwined with the Stampida rollercoaster. If you have been brave enough to climb aboard then hold on till the last fall and pose for the photo that you can take as an unforgettable memory.

  • The Tomahawk of PortAventura Park is one of the most amazing children's amusement rides, inspired by the era of the Indian Americans and built on the basis of wood being the key building element for the natives of the area and for the early settlers. It was found in great abundance in the lush forests and today it still has a very demanding use in the construction of all types of residential housing in the United States. Do you dare to discover the Tomahawk roller coaster and live a one hundred percent American experience in a unique environment that’s full of excitement and adventure?